About Me

Hey Guys!

My story is a bit different because my life changed over night and I never could've imagined I'd be traveling the country on tour with The King and I at thirteen years old! But backing up a bit, I was born in Columbus, Ohio where I grew up with my three older sisters (I know, it sounds a bit torturous) and my amazing parents. When I was six we moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts where I attended a new elementary school and was forced by my mom to take a drama class that I had no interest in. I had always been very involved in sports and left the acting to my older sister who was what some call a "Theatre Geek"... little did I know, I was a bit of a "Theatre Geek" myself! I couldn’t believe it, but this drama class ended up being my favorite class at school. Soon after I started auditioning for shows at my school and that summer I was cast as Winthrop in The Music Man alongside my sister as Marion. Fast forward to now where I am currently touring the country with my mom on The King and I tour as Louis! I still can’t even believe that I have been so blessed with the experiences and opportunities that I have had with the support of my parents and siblings. It has been a wild ride and I look forward for what is next to come! If you want to know more or want to chat, check out the contact me section on the home page! I'd love to hear from you.